Saturday, August 7, 2010

Coupon Organization - Finding Your *Thing*

I know everyone has their own *thing* as far as coupon organization goes.  A very popular way is to just keep them whole and unclipped so that you can search for coupons by which insert (date and type - for example, 8/1 SS would be the Smart Source insert from August 1).

This just does not work for me.  I buy too many things that are not on someone's random list of what's cheap and when I'm searching for a coupon for a particular item (let's say, sugar), I am not going to remember which insert the Domino sugar coupon was in.  BUT if I organize them alphabetically by product name in a nice, practical binder, I can go right to the D section and grab that Domino coupon!  My one exception to this is that I put all of my coupons for cereals in the front of the C section.  This is just because of the large number of cereal coupons that are fairly generic (for example, $1 off 2 of the following cereals: Fruit Loops, Cinnamon Toast Crunch, Apple Jacks, etc.)

I also know people with binders who sort them by section of the grocery store.  I can see how this would make sense, too, but it is not my *thing* so I don't do it.

You need to find your own *thing*... and in the meantime, be patient with me as I will often not know which insert a particular coupon was in!  It's just not my *thing*.

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