Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why would I save that coupon anyway??

I used to think saving every single coupon I clipped was stupid.  I knew I was never going to buy, say, Dulcolax so why bother??  Until I saw first-hand how a silly little $3 off Dulcolax coupon paired with amazing CVS deal and a rebate could be a money-maker!!

Will I use the Dulcolax?  Probably not.  Will I keep it in my house?  Maybe for a little while, but I am the anti-Hoarder - I hate clutter so probably not for long!  But just look at the math from my previous post about CVS deals and how that $3 off Dulcolax coupon came into play...

Dulcolax $9.99
-$3 off coupon
=$6.99 (which I paid for using ECB, rather than my own money)
Then they handed me $9.99 in ECB that I used to buy things my family actually needs.
This deal was sweetened further by the fact that I am able to send in for a $5 rebate.

I just profitted $8 for clipping and saving that silly little $3 Dulcolax coupon.  That's 2 lattes from Starbucks!

Now I will confess that I don't save some coupons... like cat food.  I've never seen a money-making deal on cat food and I don't even really like cats all that much.  But it certainly doesn't hurt me any to file away a weird coupon and it could really benefit me, such as on weeks like this at CVS.

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