Sunday, August 8, 2010

My CVS Picks 8/8-8/14

There are tons of coupon blogs where you can find a huge line-up of deals.  I'm going to give you my top picks each week, along with a couple "eh, just ok" picks that might be of slight interest to you and your family, as well.

My Top Picks:

Dulcolax 8.3 oz $9.99 ECB wyb 1 at $9.99
-$3 off coupon from 8/8 SS (or older $4 off coupon from 5/16 SS if you still have it)
PROFIT of $3 for buying after coupon and ECB!
**I also found a $5 Dulcolax rebate attached to some bottles, making this even better!

Schick Hydro 3 or 5 Razor $4 ECB wyb 1 at $8.97
-$5 off coupon from 8/8 SS
Just about free after coupon and ECB!
**Don't forget about the Schick rebate here!
**Some people are finding peely coupons attached to razors for free shaving cream.

Caliber Stationary Products $0.50 each
-$1/2 CVS coupon printing for some at coupon kiosks
FREE if you have received that coupon (I have - yay!!)

Xtra Laundry Soap $1.99
-$1 off coupon from 6/6 SS
$0.99 for detergent! (I'm usually pretty loyal to All Free and Clear but might be worth a try!)

Johnson & Johnson First-Aid To Go kits $1
-$3/3 coupon from 8/1 SS
3 for FREE!
**Plus, you can submit for free Toy Story book here!

My "Eh, Just Ok" Picks:

Coke 12 Packs $3 ECB wyb 4/$13
like paying $2.50 per 12 pack
This is good if you are a Diet Coke addict like I am ;)

Lysol Healthy Touch System $5 ECB wyb 1 at $9.99
-$3 off from 7/11 SS
$1.99 after coupon and ECB
I can usually find hand soap for less than a dollar but if you're interested in trying this, go for it.

Huggies $3 ECB wyb $10 worth (pre-coupon)
Diapers priced at $9
Wipes priced at $6
You might be able to work out a decent scenario with this, especially considering the $3.50 off Huggies diapers and wipes manufacturers printable from Target's website (or other printables from  The best I could come up with was still paying $4.25 each for diapers and wipes - not amazing, but not horrible.

Clean & Clear Morning Burst Surge
Buy power cleanser at $14.99 and get refill pack for free
-$3 off power cleanser or refill from 8/1
If you had (2) of the $3 off coupons, you could pay $8.99 for both.  

My Plan: (starting with $10 ECB and $1 ECB - more than I usually go into a week with)

Transaction #1
Dulcolax 8.3 oz $9.99
Schick Hydro Razor $8.97
2 Caliber Stationary Items $0.50 each
small filler item, less than $1.00 (I had a coupon for Dove candy bars so I used those)

Coupons used...
$3 off Dulcolax
$5 off Schick Hydro
$1/2 Caliber
$10 ECB from previous week
$1 ECB from previous week

Less than $1 out of pocket (before taxes) and $13.99 in ECB back!

Transaction #2
4 12-packs of Diet Coke $13
small filler item $1 (like a $0.99 pack of gum)

Coupons used...
$9.99 ECB from Dulcolax above
$4 ECB from Schick above

Less than $1 out of pocket (before taxes) and $3 in ECB back to use next week!

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